“I love swimming”, a claim made mainly by many. It is a very beneficial sport for the integral development of the organism. Almost everyone enjoys it as it is entertaining and is in control of fitness. It is the best way to burn off those extra pounds and, at the same time, feel refreshed. One of the sports that people of all ages enjoy. It is one of the best ways to stay in shape, as it includes the movement of the whole body. It is also gaining momentum as it has been added to the Olympics. It is a very relaxing activity and keeps the body in shape.

Strokes in swimming

• The breaststroke, which is quite difficult, as the body needs to move up and down while sliding against the water.

• The stroke is easier than the stroke, it is assumed that both arms exert the same pressure.

• Freestyle involves spinning in the water.

Swimming benefits

• Helps keep heart rate under control.

• It is known to reduce stress levels.

• Helps build endurance and muscles

• Keeps weight gain under control

• Prevents heart disease and regulates blood pressure

• The most relaxing form of exercise to stay in shape

• Improves flexibility in the body

• Helps maintain posture

• An activity that can continue for a lifetime.

• Keeps you healthy.

• It also has many mental benefits.

• Staying in the water refreshes the body.

• Swimming is highly recommended by health specialists.

• Helps lift your spirits.

Swimming team

• Bathing suits are the most important requirement to enter a swimming pool.

• It is also important to wear protective glasses so that chlorinated water does not enter the eyes.

• Toilet bowls also serve as a necessity for hair protection.

• For beginners, the market has a variety of floats available that aid swimming.

Swimming limitations

• Staying in chlorinated water can be dangerous to health.

• While swimming in an ocean, there is the possibility of strong currents that could carry you away from the shores.

• The greatest threat is drowning, so it is best to be alert when children or toddlers are swimming.

• The disinfectant, if used in an amount greater than required, can cause respiratory problems.

• Too much swimming can also be dangerous for the joints.

• Swimming for longer periods of time can darken skin color.

• It can also cause an ear infection.

Therefore, swimming can be considered a full-body exercise and offers a perfect combination of aerobics and endurance. It is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit, however, it is important to be careful of the health problems associated with it and be careful not to overdo it.


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