defeated mentality


When you read the title, did you feel a sense of urgency? I did what I was writing. Why did I feel a sense of urgency? Because too many people are letting their dreams die due to a defeated mentality. If you’re wondering what a defeated mentality is. A defeated mentality is one that has given up!

Something happened somewhere along the way that caused the person to throw in the towel and accept the fact that they will never achieve their goals or dreams. Now you may be thinking to yourself, what is dangerous about that? Well, it may not be dangerous when it comes to anything physically related, but what about mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

I’ve listed 8 danger signs of a defeated mindset:

1. The individual had a dream while growing up. But over the years he has given up over time, because he feels like he has waited too long.

2. The person uses self-sabotage to destroy his own dreams; because they have convinced themselves that they do not deserve to achieve their dreams for one reason or another.

3. The individual has lost the inner fire he needs to make his dreams come true.

4. When the person is in his secret place, he visualizes his ideal life, but does not take the necessary steps for this to happen.

5. The individual has convinced himself that he is too old and missed it. They have accepted the belief that because it didn’t happen when they were younger, it will never happen.

6. The person is not at peace or happy because he knows that he has been called to do something that he is not doing.

7. The person feels that because he made a mistake in the past or did not get off to a great start in life, he can never be victorious. They have developed a defeated mentality rather than a victorious mentality.
The individual has not realized that it does not matter how the race of life begins, only how it ends.

8. The individual is accepting the “good enough” mentality. You have lost the passion to live the life you deserve to live. So they’ve settled for things being “good enough.”

There are many other danger signs that could be listed, but I only listed a few. The result of a defeated mindset is that it keeps you stuck and doesn’t allow you to move forward. A defeated mindset keeps you tied and tied to where you’ve been rather than empowering you to move on.

Now, on the flip side of all that, is that it is possible to have a change of mind. This allows you to have a victorious mindset. It allows you to have a mindset that provides you with the inner strength to conquer goals and dreams.

A victorious mindset is one that understands that where you have been is nothing compared to where you are going. A victorious mindset allows you to be happy in the present while working in the future. A victorious mindset looks at the expectations and not the situation.

If you think a victorious mindset is out of your reach. It is not. It is simply the opposite of a defeated mentality. Developing a victorious mindset may not happen overnight, but it is possible. We have the power within us to live a victorious life. When you begin to understand the true dangers of a defeated mindset, you must put your purpose thinking into action.

As I began to think deeply about the dangers of a defeated mindset, I began to realize even more how important it is for us to work towards living a victorious life and not a defeated one.


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